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It is always important that the site is in working order and provides visitors with only relevant information. Your site should work daily, without breaks and weekends. Otherwise, you can lose potential customers.

The site can be suspended or disrupted at any time for many reasons, for example, due to an error of the hosting provider or hacking. But the worst thing is that the site can be lost forever! Taking into account how much money and effort was spent on the creation, and later on the development of the site, stopping its work and even more so its irrecoverable loss is unacceptable for the owner.

Do you have no time to deal with your site, there is no way to hire an employee for administration, or do you just want to save money? We are ready to take on the support of your site!

Full control over the site and prompt correction of errors affecting the correctness of its work. Timely notification of the need to renew the domain name registration and hosting provider services. Negotiating on behalf of a client with a hosting provider to resolve various technical issues related to the operation of the site. All this is included in technical support.

  • Hosting and Domain Monitoring. We will promptly inform you about the end of the domain name registration and hosting lease period. Because, if you forget to renew a domain name, it can be immediately redeemed by “cybersquatters” who will appoint a large amount for the redemption. And in case of suspension of the hosting service, there is a possibility of losing the site itself, since it will be physically removed from the hard disk of the server provided by the hosting provider.
  • Site backup. Backup is perhaps the most effective way to save your site and its content. With a certain frequency, we will copy the site files and the database, put all this in the archive and store it. Upon request, we will provide you with a copy of the site, and if necessary, we will restore the copy on the server.
  • Eliminating errors. Failures and errors in the site can occur for various reasons. The site is infected with a virus, hacked by an intruder, or the virtual server freezes. We try to provide our clients with the fastest possible service to solve the technical problems that have arisen. We also take on the function of communicating with the hosting provider on your behalf, to solve problems associated with the provision of hosting services that directly affect the site’s performance.
  • One-stop service. Once you have given us access to the domain name and hosting control panel, you will get rid of the problem of the safety of this data. After all, it is not uncommon for site owners to lose this data, which makes it impossible to make any changes to the site. It takes a lot of time and nerves to restore access, but sometimes it happens that it is impossible to restore data – then the owner will lose both the domain name and the site itself. Also, we always keep backups of the site, which can be obtained upon request. You no longer have to remember where passwords from FTP or MYSQL are written. All problems within the framework of the resource are now solved in one place.

By ordering technical support from us, you will not need to worry about your site!

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