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If you came to this page, then, most likely, you already understand exactly why YOU EXACTLY needs the site.

Ready to order it? If the answer is “yes”, then contact us using feedback form at the end of the page or use our contacts, which are located in the header and footer of the site, and of course we have a page contacts 🙂

Do you still have doubts? To convince you of the correctness of your decision, we decided to write about some of the reasons why people most often come to the conclusion that it is time for them to start a website.

As a rule, there are many reasons, but we will list only the most common ones:

  • Traditional advertising methods don’t work.
  • There is demand for your goods / services in other regions.
  • You do not want to spend money on renting an office, because you “don’t really need it”.
  • We need more audience coverage.
  • You need more ways to communicate with your potential clients.
  • You need a beautiful portfolio.
  • For some reason, you cannot familiarize customers with the entire range of your products.

Website development is undoubtedly a very effective way to attract new customers. We will not grovel for a long time, here are some statistics from open sources:

  • In 2012, Russia ranked first in Europe and sixth in the world by the number of Internet users.
  • More than 53 million Russians over 18 go online every day.

And yet, the Internet knows no boundaries, so you can declare yourself and your goods or services even to the whole world.

Modern technologies allow you to interact with a potential client at any stage, from getting acquainted with a product or service and ending with accepting payment.

Text, graphic and multimedia materials on the site can provide information about your goods and services no worse, and sometimes better than a manager (consultant) or even you. After all, not all of us have oratorical skills, and a new employee still needs to be trained, introduced to a product or service.

Of course, the option of communicating with a potential client cannot be ruled out, if only because you can simply forget to mention some little things on the site. There are many different ways to communicate with the client, for example, you can use the guestbook, forum, chat, feedback form and much more.

In addition, on the site in the most convenient form, you can indicate your location and other contact information. Even in a small town, it is sometimes difficult to orient a person to just one address, and by placing a map of the road on the site, a couple of photographs of the facade of the building in which yours is located, for example, a shop or office, you can explain without any difficulty how to find you.

With the development of information technology, it has become quite easy to accept payments. Your client will be able to pay you in various ways: using a bank card, through a terminal, electronic money, through a bank on an account statement, and even by SMS.

Moreover, depending on what you do, what services or goods you provide, almost all processes can be automated, for example, the formation of the same order or invoice.

And if you provide, for example, consulting services, it is quite possible to do without an office.

responsive designresponsive design

Stop doubting! It’s time to order the site.

The team of specialists WEB 161 provides a full range of website development services.

How will the process of creating a website go if you order this service from us.

First, we will listen to all your wishes, learn as much as possible about your business, form the goals of the site, determine the target audience and the type of site. Then we will start developing the structure and layout of the design, taking into account your wishes and needs, make up, implement all the necessary functionality, fill the site with materials (content) and test it without fail. Also, if you do not have your own hosting and domain name yet, we will register all this for you and install the site for hosting. You just have to check the work done by us.

As for the timing of the site creation and cost. Everything is individual here, it all depends on the complexity of the project and on how quickly we can interact with you (if necessary). It can take literally a few hours to develop a website, or maybe several months. The cost of the project can be estimated at several thousand and much more (there are no boundaries). One way or another, all the terms and cost are negotiated and prescribed in the concluded agreement.

And remember, money spent on website development is an investment in your business.

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